Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vegan Organic Japanese Restaurant in London!!

After looking on-line for a suitable place to eat in London, I found this restaurant "Itadakizen", the first vegan and organic Japanese restaurant in Europe! So of course I gave it a try...

And it was TRULY AMAZING. Having been to Japan recently, I was lucky to be able to compare this experience with the ones I had in all the restaurants and ryokan inns in Japan.
Anyway, here is my review :)!

The entrance: simple and clean

The restaurant is located near King's Cross Station. It's not very big but it has a homey little interior.

I had booked the "healing menu" in advance, which consists of at least 10 different small courses that are all meant to help your body function better in some way. Unlike the traditional kaiseki that amazed me so much in Japan (where you get about 12 different dishes served at the same time!), all the courses came separately. The staff were really friendly and explained what the food was as they brought it to us.
Here is a sample of what we had (I was too busy sampling everything to take too many pictures!)

Everything vegan and organic!!

Rice with seaweed, lightly seasoned with wasabi

the inevitable and irresistible tempura
lotus root and tofu!
The dessert was traditional, made of adzuki beans and pumpkin and rounded off the meal perfectly!The overall experience was really remarkable, with the staff being very polite and always ready to help! I even had the chance to have a (little) chat with a dining neighbour: a Japanese teacher (who managed _in a 2 min-conversation! _ to make me use all my vocabulary...).
Anyway, I really recommend this to anyone who likes Japanese food, who prefers plant-based food to animal nasties, or who simply wished to enjoy an elaborate but natural and healthy meal!

(Gochisousama deshita: thank you for the delicious meal!)

Here's the link to their website:


  1. a very quiet place,
    a very good food !

  2. Congratulations on your new blog, it looks nice and I will enjoy following your bento adventures. Thanks for visiting origa-me maybe you will take up etegami! Carole

  3. Thank you, origa-me!! As for etegami, it does sound fun! I'll try a first one and I'll post it here :)! Why not an etegami representing a bento..?

  4. For some reason I can't seem to be able to comment on any of your posts...I tried several times..
    Maybe a problem with google account today, I'll try tomorrow.
    Anyway, great ballerina and beautiful crane!


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