Bento equipment

One of the advantages of bento is that you can re-use lots of stuff from your kitchen and don't have to buy new specialised equipment. All right BUT not because you don't HAVE TO means you won't WANT TO...especially when you've discovered more about bento-making!
The variety of cool utensils, accessories and bento boxes available out there makes it reaaaaally hard to resist, so I plead not guilty :)!

Anyway, here's my "little" collection. I hope this gives you a good idea of what can be found (I admit I have a rather large selection of what's available...).

Some of these come directly from Japan where I had the chance to browse them in their natural environment :), the rest comes from on-line shops, street shops selling Japanese stuff, or even classic western kitchen equipment shops.
Let's make a start with bento boxes:
The classic two-layer box, in different sizes.
A cute usagi (rabbit) design!
not a bento box per se, but a really nice addition!
The single onigiri boxes, to onigiri :)

One of my favourites: the kokeshi collection (this one's "Marie").
Her hat serves as a miso soup bowl!
Wan wan, good for soups as well as solid ingredients.

This set is from Japanese designer Shinzi Katoh ("Cheri" collection).
The onigiri bento box can contain up to 4 onigiri on the top layer while you can
keep condiments in the lower layer. The furoshiki (wrap), portable chopsticks
and isothermal bag all match the cute cat and girl design.   
So that's most of my bento boxes. I'll continue to update this page with all the other pieces of equipment, utensils, accessories etc. so keep checking regularly!

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