Monday, 13 June 2011

A little word to Origa-me

This is just a little post to say how much I like this blog:
The author is a very creative lady who draws beautiful etegami ("picture postcards").

Unfortunatelty I can never manage to add a comment to any of her posts (because of cookie problems...), which has become sooo frustrating that I have decided to write a post especially about what I liked in her recent artwork!

-I loved her ballerina etegami, and as a former ballerina I must say it was very very graceful like any ballerina aspires to be :)!
art by origa-me origa-me

I also loved her gardening scissors etegami, which reminded me of the beautiful film "Edward Scissorhands"! Check it out :)
art by origa-me origa-me
Finally I want to say something about her grapes etegami, which is very colourful (I love the leaves!). I also absolutely love the little red stamp-like symbol (there must be a proper name..) :)
Art by origa-me origa-me
So congratulations origa-me for drawing these beautiful and graceful pictures. I enjoy them regularly even if I can't write it on your blog...


  1. Wow!I'm blushing Mari-chan, thank you for your kind comments. Can you try emailing me (I think you click on the little envelope thingy at the bottom of my post , and I will send you a version of one of the etegami that you like best. Carole

  2. Glad to see you like this :)!
    Unfortunately the little letter is for me to send your post to a friend by email...Anyway thank you for your post, too :)! And my favourite of your etegami is the ballerina of course :)
    By the way, did you check out my senbatsuru site and project on the right on this blog? If you're willing to add a crane to my (growing) 1000 collection I'd be happy!!

  3. (Rueful grin) as you can tell I am a complete computer dunce, I would love to send you a crane.

  4. A real computer dunce would not be able to maintain a beautiful blog such as yours :)! As for my contacts, send me an email via my senbatsuru website (in the list on right hand side on this blog) and I'll reply!


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