Monday, 20 June 2011

Little chick and wooden bridge...

Back to work means bento lunches!! Here's last week's creations :)

A little happy chick...

...and a happy bunch walking across a river, having lots of fun!

When I opened the bento (prepared by my other half :)), I thought
the animals looked like they were sitting on a log, sailing down a river...

Then I was told they were in fact crossing on a bridge :).
It's nice, too!
Thank you again for preparing these lovely bento for me :)


  1. Do your co-workers enjoy seeing what you have in your bento box each day? I am sure they are envious that you have a cook at home who prepares them for you.

  2. Yes, they find it...interesting. In the North of Scotland in a very rural area it is sometimes difficult to explain why I would want to eat Japanese bento though...:)

  3. Superbe tête de poulet ! bravo :o)


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