Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beach bento

Holidays and summer are approaching so I thought I would make a beach-themed bento. I have other ideas of summer scenes that I will try to make this year!

Quinoa, rice and vegan wiener!

Octopus, crab and fish wiener, first attempt!
I found vegan wiener and tried the octopus cutting for the first time! It didn't go perfectly well but I'm sure I'll get better with a little bit of practice :)
Cooking the rice with the blue food coloring. 

Cooking the quinoa with turmeric and curry powders

The rice can be shaped with a spoon... make a wavy shore!

I found vegan wiener on-line at
(UK company; they deliver worlwide except for chilled food)
The crab cutter was a little narrow for these wiener...
I boiled the wiener in a little water to make the tentacles
more elastic and less fragile.
The technique of boiling rather than frying the wiener after cutting the tentacles worked better for me. Maybe it's because they're vegan...?
Sunflower seed for the eyes, a pumpkin seed for a sticking tongue.
And a heart pick for a cute octopus!
The rice and quinoa leftovers made a colorful dinner!
I forgot to cook a little bit of white rice to use for frothy waves
so I used vegan mayonnaise, but it looks more like clouds...
Just realized it would have looked nice with little bits of seaweed on the sand, so maybe next time...
By the way, the small bento is my lunch for today, so Itadakimaaaas!!

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