Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Welcome from a vegan bento-maker!

Hi all!
This is Mari-chan writing, and proud to present her brand new blog "Mari-chan's Vegan Bento"!
I'm a French (vegan) bento-maker living in Scotland, and I was posting on a French blog before I realized that I would be more likely to share more info with bento aficionados around the world if I started posting in a more popular language :)!

I have been making bento for a year now and my passion for it is growing every day! On this blog I will be posting recipes and photos of animal-free bento and I hope to be sharing a lot with those who visit this little bento haven!

Anyway, let's get started with introductions!
こんにちは パンダさん!
(Konnichiwa, panda-san!)

Here is Panda-san saying hello and greetings to those of you who came by! I hope they'll have the chance to see you soon!


  1. Love your artistic and vibrantly cute bento blog!

  2. Bienvenue sur la blogosphère culinaire & des bentos (et des vegans !)
    J'ai déjà regardé tes bentos, ils sont mimi comme tout : tu as l'air bien douée :-)


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